LEAP is one of the most brilliantly conceived development programs at DCB Bank and is based on the philosophy inspired by the famous American reality game show ‘The Apprentice’ (hosted by the real estate tycoon, businessman and television personality, Donald Trump).

The objective of this program is to provide learning by assigning employees with grueling, nail biting, time-bound tasks for a period of 2 days every month for 6 months. These assignments cover various aspects of Banking such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Quality Control, Entrepreneurship and Customer Service, offering an opportunity to each employee to learn on the job. This program was launched to strengthen DCB Bank’s mid-level managers to become effective leaders in the future.

On completion of the 6 month LEAP signature program, the winners are rewarded by being promoted to the next level. This not only makes the program more rewarding, participative and competitive, but also enables participants to gain visibility amongst senior management teams and the CEO.

DCB Bank won a Great Place to Work award in 2012 for ‘LEAP’.

So, are you ready to take that LEAP?