At DCB Bank, it’s not just all work and no play. We strive to create a fun, exciting and dynamic workplace where collaboration, teamwork and recreation is encouraged to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Come explore our vibrant work culture where we ensure employees enjoy a sense of camaraderie throughout the year with celebrations, talent competitions and other fun activities.

Take a sneak peek into what we’ve got for you:

DCB Bank’s got talent!

Funkaar Beats - DCB Bank’s annual talent hunt, a regional level program where winners compete for national acclaim at the annual Movers & Shakers (annual award ceremony). Yes, it’s all fun!

Cricket Mania - Cricket is passion for Indians and at DCB Bank as well! Cricket fanatic DCBians organise a regional level annual cricket tournament that receives more and more participants each year, where passion for the game brings employees together strengthening their team spirit! So get set!

Picture Perfect - DCB Bank was a part of the iStore’s Inter-corporate photography competition, where 20 out of DCB Bank’s 230 entries were shortlisted! For all the perfect shots you take!

Gana Khazana - DCB Bank’s Antakshari contests were held across regions where employees let their hair down and sang Bollywood songs to their heart’s content. Winners of the regional competitions then competed in the national round. Indeed a moment of merriment!

DCB Bank Celebrates!

A Friend Indeed - To celebrate Friendship Day DCBians clicked selfies of themselves and their friends at work. These selfies were then uploaded onto DCB Bank’s Facebook page.

Christmas Cheer - “Santa Speak” - employees voiced appreciation for their colleagues’ work and spread Christmas cheer by doling out Christmas candies and singing Christmas carols.

Maa Tujhe Salaam - To celebrate Independence Day, employees dressed in colours of the Tricolour and answered trivia on India’s independence movement.

Diwali Food Fest - Employees and Manco members from across the Bank cooked foods specific to their various cultures and sold these treats during lunch time a few days before Diwali. Proceeds went to a Bank-supported charity.

DCB Bank’s house concept!


Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Purple! DCB Bank takes you right back to school, the same sense of competition between teams and the same sense of pride.

DCB Bank launched FIVE HOUSES (Roaring Reds, Purple Warriors, Yellow Super Kings, The Mighty Blues & Go-Getter Greens) to bring together employees from across units and regions. House Captains are elected from our Top Management and they have been pivotal in driving this concept and promoting team spirit and healthy competition.

House members earn points through various methods which include exceptional performance in their job and various other engagement activities. Post tallying the points at the end of the year “House of the Year” is given the House Trophy at our annual event.